Allen Cousins -- Do You Know These Folks?

Obviously these snapshots cover many decades. The photos are not in any particular order, not by family and not by decade. Several are scanned from rather poor older photos, so features are less than optimally clear. Whatever identification information that can be ferreted out has been added.

Halsey Leonard Allen III - 1932

Alice and Hilda - Sterling

Alice - 6-21-24

Clara Farnum with Al, Alfred, and Jeff Wilson -1964

Warren Allen

Warren and Hilda - August 1931

Ann Starbard-Mt Rainier

Hilda - teacher, Amherst High -1931

Polly Allen - October 2010

Mabel Munson, Lindemans, Hattie

Ray and Hilda

Ruth - 4 months

Owen and Hal - 2010

Jean's baptism - Sterling

Stuart (Dick) July 1925

Ralph - 1925

1917 family reunion

Alice - Simmons 1924

Len and Rowena - 25th anniversary

Kathy, Jeff, Alfred Wilson - 2010

Hilda with Kenneth - 1927

Ruth - Brockton

Mary Hibbard Allen 1846-94

Ralph, Jean

Emma Munson age 12

Nancy, John, Hannah, Sara - 2010

George - July 1934

Hilda, Ruth, Ralph, Janet - Greenfield

Ralph and George Haskins

Hilda and Alice (1994?) in Oklahoma City

Leona and Fred - 1940

Hilda, Ray, and friend Mary Agaard

Ray and Kay

Ray and Kay

Etta and Dick (Stuart)

Clara Munson Farnum


Shayne Allen and Lindsay Robbins - 2010

Charlie Allen, Joan Papazian - 2005

Eric Starbard, Larry Allen - 2005

Mary Eleanor Lindeman - 5 months

Ray-Kay bridal shower - 1937

Allen cousins at Charlie's memorial, October 2010: (rear) George, Rip, Alfred, Jeff, Silas
(center row) Hal, Roger, Ruth, Kay, Richard, Polly, Janet, Marcia, Sara, Larry, John
(front row) Owen, Joan, Sue, Jan, Nancy, Jane, Kenneth

Charlie, Jean, Ray, Len
Ralph, Mary, Hilda - 1987

The Ray and Kay kids -2010

Candy and Shirley - 2010


and Mary Phelps

Kenneth Starbard, Jane Williams -2010

Janet - 2009

June, Eric 2010

Fred, Betty, Mary - 1997

June, Winifred, Kenneth - 2010

Jeff Wilson, George Haskins -2010

Alfred Wilson, Winifred, Kenneth -2010

Ray, Ralph

Polly, Bette, Milt, Tim -2005

Shirley and Hal Allen - 2005
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