[Note: Thanks to Candy Allen and Elissa Bass for contributing some of these photos.]

gathering of the clan

Milt Bass, Alison Mandaville

Amy Bass

Owen Allen, Milt Bass

John Allen, Alice Allen, Polly Allen

Ray "Rip" Allen

Joan Papazian

Larry Allen, Jan Kiphart, Courtney Kiphart

Gerry Papazian, Si Allen, Owen Allen, Eric Allen

Jan, Courtney, and Kayla Kiphart

Amy Bass, Marcia Allen, Hannah Klupt, Alison Mandaville

Si Allen, George Haskins

Joan/Gerry Papazian, Jan Kiphart, Larry/Alice Allen

Nancy Miller, Lindsay Robbins

Emily Bass, Max Wojtas, Hannah Klupt, Summer Wojtas, Marcia Allen

Joe Wojtas, Alison Mandaville

Evan, Winifred, and Kenneth Starbard

Owen Allen

Hannah Klupt

Michael Bass

Max Wojtas

Marcia Allen

Si Allen, Kenneth Starbard

Joe Wojtas

Alison Mandaville

Alfred Wilson and Judy Jordan

Shannon Burke, Sara Allen

Elissa Bass

Max, Summer, Kimberly, Erin, Emily

Janet Mandaville, Marcia Allen, Joan Papazian

Steve, George, and Justin Haskins

a thank-you to the Basses!

Scott Allen, Owen Allen, George Haskins, Deb Allen with daughters Kimberly and Erin, Evan Starbard

Courtney and Kayla Kiphart, Si Allen, George Haskins, Lindsay Robbins, Shayne Allen

sometimes a lot of just looking!

yaayy -- food!

Janet Mandaville

Milt and Ruth Bass with Summer Wojtas lurking

John Allen

Elissa Bass

Kay Allen, Shayne Allen

Candy Allen

Gerry Papazian

Al Wilson, Judy Jordan

Kenneth and Evan Starbard

Elissa Bass

Milt Bass

Milt and Ruth Bass

Erin, Hannah, Summer, Emily

Bass kids with favorite babysitter

Joan Papazian, Kay Allen, Rip Allen, Sue Allen

ah ... actually having the tent for problematic weather probably saved the day by preventing!

digging in!

Larry Allen, Nancy Miller, Sara Allen, John Allen, and Jan Kiphart's back!

Eliot and Eric Starbard
As the last to arrive, thereby missing the generation-by-generation photo setups, these two deserve to be last on the page, right?